I would like to introduce our natural skin and make-up brand ‘KALU Cosmetics’.

We are a local company that brings socially and environmentally friendly products to the market to minimise the impact on our bodies and the environment.

Our products are multi-purpose products with less packaging and follow a simple minimalist way of life.

We focus on bringing back old traditions that have been done for centuries and dealing with like-minded suppliers to bring chemical-free products.

KALU Cosmetics is PETA Certified for Cruelty-Free & Vegan and The Good Market Global approved brand!

All our products are Vegan, Gluten-Free, 100% Natural.

Our oils are ECOCERT and USDA Organics certified, purchased from the largest woman's cooperative in Morocco which empowers people to keep old traditions alive with fair trade practices.

Our make-up is an extensive range of hand-crafted luxury vegan cosmetics made in small batches. Our organic, plant-based cosmetics are never tested on animals and our suppliers do not test on animals. Our line is free of hidden ingredients.

Our Full Body Exfoliation and Detoxification range are based on the Hammam rituals done in Morocco. It’s a once-a-week Detox and Rejuvenate of the body and mind. This range includes a Black Soap with Argan Oil (full body exfoliation), Kessa Glove (traditional exfoliating glove), Rhassoul Clay with Argan Oil (mask to detox the face, body, and hair), and 100% Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil ( to lock in the moisturise and protect hair, skin, and nails).

At KALU Cosmetics, we focus on "Beauty without compromising health"!


Angeline Khan